Act 313 H.T. as Cher

htcherAs the premier CHER impersonator, HT’s credits include guest-starring roles on TV shows “The Nanny”, NBC Variety Show “Friday Night”, “The View”, and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. She has also starred as the only CHER impersonator ever to appear in the award-winning show, “Legends In Concert” at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Las Vegas since 1990. The highlight of her act includes an audience participation in which Heidi brings an unsuspecting male onto the stage, places a “Sonny Bono” wig upon his head and makes him sing “I Got You Babe” with her.  She includes a wealth of improvisational skills that can be tailored to the demographic and occupational category of your client. H.T. can portray the “70’s” Cher with long, straight hair, 70’s attire and appropriate songs from the era, or she can portray the “90’s” Cher with the accompanying costumes and music. Her costumes and patter can be made to fit into any rating from “PG to R.”  In other words, from evening gown to G-string and tattoos! Whatever the audience, HT will give them a show they will never forget, and neither will you!

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