Dinner Mystery Theater 458 A.T.O.M.

imageEveryone loves a good whodunit, and A.T.O.M. began offering custom-written interactive murder mysteries – musical and traditional – set anywhere from the roaring ‘20s to current day.

Guests put on their super-sleuth hats and engage with the performers as they attempt to solve the crime. The adventure begins with a digital commercial teaser/invitation, and can be played out with professional actors or your guests can play the roles!

Several options are available to customize the experience to be even more exciting. A scavenger hunt for clues can be created and up to 5 guests can be woven into the story; with extra clues associating them with the characters. Company specific information can also be added to make it more educational.

Why watch a murder mystery when you can be part of one? A.T.O.M. will create a unique event that will be the talk of your family or company for years.


Click HERE to book a Dinner Mystery Theater show with A.T.O.M., or call our office at (702)951-1614.