Band 266 E.R.

Empire Records imageThere is no better band to represent the 90’s than E.R., playing the music of Kid Rock, Bel Biv Devoe, Sugar Ray, Smashmouth, Gin Blossoms, Boyz II Men, Sublime, and more. E.R. performs music from every genre of from the 90’s, appealing to a wide audience while maintaining a niche all their own.



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Blink 182/Green Day Tribute Band 450

greendayeditedBlink 182/Green Day Tribute Band is a high-energy fist pumping live rock show experience. They have a raw exciting tribute to the mighty Green Day, bringing the same energy and drive as when you first saw them hit the MTV video scene.Opening with show stoppers Blink getting the crowd ready to rock and playing all the hits. One of the most iconic bands to come out of the 90s is pop punk phenomenon Green Day. Their songs with hook filled lyrics have top the charts for 2 decades. Sold out arenas and world tours and even a Tony award winning Broadway play puts this band into a status only few can dream to attain.

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Band A.O.A 410

Promo 1Playing all of U2’s greatest hits as well as B-sides, A.O.A covers decades of music from the band that has sold over 150 million albums and possesses the highest grossing concert tour of all time.With solid performances from each member of the band and their uncanny resemblances, A.O.A astounds the crowd from the beginning of the very first song to the last note.

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Bluzmen Bluz Brothers Tribute

blues-brothersThese two are the perfect mix in re-creating the “Blues Brothers”. However, these Bluzmen go a step further. they showcase some of the original choreography with a few steps of their own. As one show critic put it, ” These two men have it all down! The look, the sound, every move and the crazy antics”!

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Mini Elvis 384 M.E.

Mini Elvis He sings, he dances, he puts on a show ! He is Mini Elvis! M.E performs Elvis hit songs like Love me tender, It’s now or never, Blue suede shoes, Devil in Disguise, Viva Las Vegas, Tutti Frutti, and more!



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Act 323 J.C. Tribute to The Rat Pack


Listening to his incredible Sinatra-style solo voice, you would never know he comes from a mostly rock and roll background, having shared the stage with classic artists such as America and The Little River Band. Currently J. can be seen performing in the Beach Boys tribute band, Good Vibrations is a founding member of the popular indie pop band Tripsitter, with whom he’s released two critically acclaimed albums, and also sings with the popular vocal jazz quartet Fifth Avenue!

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Act 311 P.M. as Elton John & Billy Joel

ejbjP.M. Tribute Sir Elton John & Billy Joel is a night of hit songs, energetic performances, outrageous costumes, and true Rock N Roll at it’s Finest! Sir Elton John and Billy Joel tribute artists have joined forces to create The Ultimate Tribute Show.
The two capture both artists in their high energy, interactive Rock N Roll show. Initial concert events have been highly successful with all involved raving about their intensity on stage. Just like the original tour, each artist performs a Solo Set with a killer 4 to 6 piece Rock N Roll band, and then culminate the show with a “Face to Face” set which features both of them playing together on two pianos, trading off lyrics on each song they perform, and both Capturing Billy Joel and Sir Eltons’ captivating entertainment prowess, Piano Skills and unbelievable outrageous costumes from the 70’s to present day!

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Band 297 D.T.C. – Unplugged Tribute to Kiss

Dressed_to_chill_2012_19 (1)D.T.C.’s concept is simple but elegant: Acoustic interpretations of some of their favorite songs arranged as they’ve never been heard before. Not even Kiss do these songs like D.T.C.

No loud amps, no make up, no pyro and nothing to hide behind, D.T.C. is unplugged, unmasked, and unexpected – three world class musicians performing a must-see show for Kiss fans and great acoustic music fans alike!

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Band 296 A. as Aerosmith

Photos~~element115A. provides the complete Aerosmith experience; not only does lead singer J.J. look and sound remarkably like Steven Tyler, capturing his style, moves and soaring vocals, but each Aerosmith musician is strikingly represented. Together, they recreate Aerosmith’s unique and powerful sound, bringing every rock anthem to life for their enthusiastic audience.

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Band 272 V.C. as Eric Clapton

vcV.C. is the ultimate Eric Clapton tribute show. With a six piece band and two female vocalists for a full sound and visual impact, V.C. delivers an entire night of authentic Clapton. From his early sixties classics to his contemporary hits, Eric Clapton’s music is rooted in rock and blues while being influenced by a range of styles, from Reggae to Country, and appeals to an audience that spans generations. *Available for Corporate Events only

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