Act 454 J.V.

454JV2J.V. is a 5th generation circus performer with a permanent residence in the entertainment capital, Las Vegas. She has a charismatic hula hoop act that ranges from 3-6 minutes depending on the venue. Her hula hoop number includes amazing tricks with multiple hoops, LED light hoops, flexibility, an aerial lift, and more. She has been performing
in showrooms, arenas, conventions, circuses, and many other venues across the U.S. for the past 6 years. If you’re looking for a captivating and high energy act, J.V. is your choice!             454JV1 

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Ladder Balancing Act 364

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Contortionist 355 S.K.

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Cirque-Style 345 K.B.

K.B. 355

K.B. specializes in a fresh new unique variety of hand to hand, head to head acrobatics with a twist of funky fun technical balancing and comedic performance. They call themselves “Acromedians”, Champion style!
K.B. can customize and create their act especially for their client so their performance is unique for the audience!

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Act 257 M. & K.

a&rWorld champion gymnasts, M.& K.’s act combines jaw-dropping skills with breathtaking  beauty.  As a Hand to Hand Act in the Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis, they delivered over 500 highly technical, emotive, and consistent performances; they performed alongside the U.S. Olympic Team in a national, 40-city tour for audiences as large as 16,000,  performed for numerous prestigious events worldwide including the 2010 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Nevada Ballet Theater’s Black & White Ball and many, many more. M.& K. took 1st Place in the 2009 World Games, the 2010 National Championships and the 2010 World Championships and have won numerous awards and honors including USA Gymnastics Athletes of the Year and USA Gymnastics Award for Best Choreography.

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Act 246 D.R.

dr1Hand to hand balancing act D.R. started working together in march 2012. With less than a year under their belt they have trained hard to produce some elite level balances and an ongoing evolutionary act and have been fortunate enough to work and perform with various reputable companies in the entertainment industry.

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Act 34 V

World Class Juggler, unicyclist, and street performer. V is one of Vegas’s best ambient entertainers.

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