Polynesian Dancers 519

polydancers1Add some beauty, grace, and color to your island themed event with lovely Polynesian Dancers!


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Fire Act 449 B.M.

BM B.M. offers cutting edge performances in the ancient art of Fire Dancing.His concept combines Extreme Martial Arts with the element of fire.

This memorizing blend of motion and illumination provides a dazzling effect for any type of event.

*Available for Corporate Events

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Fire-Hula Hoop Act 416 M.B.



M.B. is a fire-hula hoop unique talent who also performs a fire breathing act. Performances can range from a few minutes to weekend long events and from main stage appearances to grounds and crowd mingle performances.

Each performance is catered to the clients needs and can be any fusion of the acts offered.

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Fire Belly Dancer 405 A.

belly fire dancer

This Fire Goddess weaves a spectacular story with her technique. creativity and skill. She is notorious for her unique style and custom props and costumes, including a 10 ft. golden fire dress (tanora), fire wings, crystal ball contact juggling and magnetic fire masks. Her truly one of a kind act has been performed all over the world, blending traditional and fusion belly dance styles. This talent never leaves room for a dull moment.

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Act 263 T.L.S.

tlsBeautiful and authentic Polynesian music and dancers create a colorful and exciting show, complete with the Samoan Fire Knife Dance, that will delight and amaze audiences of all ages. Make your event an exotic and unforgettable experience with T.L.S.!

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Dancer 5 J.F.

ljfShe is a spiritual yoga instructor, talented painter-artist and ethnic fusion dancer who dedicates her artistry to evoking creativity and peace worldwide. She specializes in a healing & unique practice she has coined as Serpentine Asana Flow. This organic form of Yoga highlights a restorative and creative form of movement that she has designed in addition to her Sacred Dance Fusion & Tribal Trance Dance style and methodology.
J.F. also professionally performs Polynesian Fire dance, combining West African, Middle Eastern and Serpentine dance styles. Her performances exhibit tales of love and emotive release, catharsis and indigenous exploration.
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