Act 252 S. and E.

act252SandES. and E. moved to the United States in 1998 after numerous performances on cruise ships and theatres throughout Europe, Greece, Cypress, Israel, South Korea and Japan. Using comedy and quick costume changes to create a high energy show, S. and E.’s performance have garnered prestigious awards such as the Merlin Magic Award from the International Magicians Society for the Best and Most Colorful Quick Change Act in Las Vegas in 2008 as well as feature articles for respected industry publications.From the Magic Castle in CA, to casinos in Las Vegas, to South Korea and many theatres in between, audiences have enjoyed the magical presentations of this Bulgarian couple who now make Los Angeles their home.

Being multilingual has given them the unique ability to entertain a wide variety of audiences from all over the world.  They recently performed at the Venetian Hotel and Resort Casino in Macao China.

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Magician 230 S.W.

magician 230 SWS.W.’s superb sleight-of-hand skills and affable personality makes every performance an unforgettable experience for amazed audience members, who witness objects vanish and re-appear before their eyes. His fun and interactive form of “walk-around” magic will leave your guests feeling special as well as entertained. This type of magic is perfect during dinner and cocktail hour and for a variety of events such as trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, clubs, meetings, meet-&-greet events, or any social event where you want to impress your guests.

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Act 235 P.V.

act 235 PVP.V. brings his unique brand of wonder and astonishment to intelligent audiences around the world. His cerebral approach has dazzled audiences at every major casino on the legendary Las Vegas Strip. As the featured performer, Paul has enjoyed multiple standing ovations at his sold-out shows at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. His intellectually stimulating performances have even attracted Nobel Laureates. Further, Paul has appeared on several hit television shows, including the Emmy award-winning Penn & Teller’s “Bullsh!t” and multiple performances on “Hocus Pocus”, hosted by Fielding West and Teresa Livingstone.


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Magician M. 2

M’s successful run as a semi-finalist on “America’s Got Talent” introduced an astonished americas-got-talent-logonational television audience to dazzling illusions performed live on AGT, including vanishing an entire 1918 steam train locomotive. He co-starred on VH1’s “Celebracadabra,” has appeared on “Reno 911,” “Last Comic Standing,” and currently guest stars on the “hit” History Channel TV series “Pawn Stars” as a magic expert, and hosts the “live” “Pawn Stars” shows in venues throughout the country. M. has won over 24 awards for his performances worldwide and received the title of “World Champion.”  He has delighted audiences in theaters from Monaco and Paris to Las Vegas and the legendary Playboy Mansion.

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Magician 31 J.R.

The Corporate Magician & Mentalist- “Award winning” strolling illusionist

J.R.’s corporate entertainment services are customized specifically for each event. J. delivers a hilarious Stand-up Comedy and Mind Reading stage performance in addition to his world class sleight-of-hand strolling magic and mind reading for smaller audiences. He’s provided VIP Hospitality for celebrities and other important guests at parties for over 20 years. His high-energy performance style is interactive and never fails to amaze, amuse, energize and inform his audience. He creates and delivers highly effective product promotion presentations for trade shows, television, banquets and business meetings.

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Magician 38 A.R.

A.R.’s live show is a dynamic blend of Pick-pocketing, Sleight-of-hand and Con Games. Known as “The Gentleman Thief”, he handles his participants without embarrassing them, and has a unique ability to tell his “target” that he is about to steal from them, before he does it, right under their nose.

 A.R. made national news when he pick-pocketed the Secret Service while entertaining a former President; he was hired by the Phoenix Suns to steal Charles Barkley’s personal items, and by the producers of Alias to “borrow” Jennifer Garner’s engagement ring (given to her by Ben Affleck); he switched Troy Aikman’s and Jerome Bettis’ drivers licenses. Tiffany & Co. had A.R. load their new private collection on their top VIP’s.

His unusual skills keep him in high demand, taking him around the world performing for an A-list clientele. From high profile events to celebrity parties, part of A’s appeal are the stories he leaves behind…

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Act 37 M.H.

A juggler, tight-rope walker, and comedian, M.H. honed his astonishing skills as a street performer; his work with an improv comedy troupe at University of California helped develop the act that would bring him to Las Vegas. Highlighted by his signature bit – juggling a bowling ball with an M&M – M.H. has now been a long time feature of revues on the Strip, dazzling audiences from start to finish of his 15 minute act.

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Act 33 T.G.

T.G. began performing at a local theme park at age 16. A skilled magician with a natural comedic wit, he soon became one of the Midwest’s youngest and fastest rising entertainers, with over 200 shows a year. Now a sought after entertainer performing at major showrooms and venues in Las Vegas, T.G.’s “keep it funny” philosophy is apparent throughout his laugh-a-minute- show. He prides himself in providing a clean performance in which he takes it to the line, but never crosses.
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