Carolers 534 T.T.C.

“A fresh approach to caroling, with 3 uniquely awesome groups.”

The spirit of traditional caroling gets a dose of contemporary style! All T.T.C. singers are pros with credits ranging from Broadway to feature films to prime time TV. Expertly costumed for every show, carolers memorize a vast repertoire of music from holiday classics to complex modern arrangements in the style of Pitch Perfect or The Pentatonix. It’s no wonder T.T.C.’s list of clients include Disney, Rodeo Drive, James Cameron, Joe Jonas, Good Day LA, Dr. Phil, Microsoft, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many more.

534a T.T.


T.T.:  The hipster twist on Christmas caroling, with a sexy, modern edge. Perfect for any party looking for a fresh, new kind of holiday entertainment, these talented, charismatic performers will add the perfect Yule Tide flair.


534b T.O.D.C.

T.O.D.C.: Meet Felicity, Pip, Sebastian, and The Governor! These classic characters arrive “direct” from Victorian London, complete with accents, authentic costumes, and lots of personality!


534c A.N.


A.N.: This elegant, cocktail or black-tie friendly quartet sings beautiful classic and jazz arrangements of all your favorite Christmas melodies (Dr. Phil not included).



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Trio 393 S.C.D.


S.C.D are a delightful trio with superb musical talents and uniques, nostalgic style. Reminiscent of the tight harmonies of the S.C.D combine a vintage look and choreography with lively, orginal musical arrangements that appeal to audiences of all ages.

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Band 53 F.A.

5AMasters of the art of A CAPELLA singing, F.A. dazzle audiences with their tight, pure harmonies and sense of fun. Performing original arrangements that are amazingly sophisticated and breaking it all up with comedy the effect is devastatingly entertaining.

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Act 103 D.C.

band 103 D.C.Whether you are looking for an energetic staged show to kick-start or close your event with a bang, or you want an evening of elegant, classic music tailor-made to tastefully compliment and highlight your party’s personality, the girls of D.C. will deliver! From cocktails to corporate, dinner music to dance party, weddings to wine tastings, the girls will make sure they fully understand your needs and then execute exactly the type of event you have been envisioning.

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