Carolers 534 T.T.C.

“A fresh approach to caroling, with 3 uniquely awesome groups.”

The spirit of traditional caroling gets a dose of contemporary style! All T.T.C. singers are pros with credits ranging from Broadway to feature films to prime time TV. Expertly costumed for every show, carolers memorize a vast repertoire of music from holiday classics to complex modern arrangements in the style of Pitch Perfect or The Pentatonix. It’s no wonder T.T.C.’s list of clients include Disney, Rodeo Drive, James Cameron, Joe Jonas, Good Day LA, Dr. Phil, Microsoft, Leonardo DiCaprio, and many more.

534a T.T.


T.T.:  The hipster twist on Christmas caroling, with a sexy, modern edge. Perfect for any party looking for a fresh, new kind of holiday entertainment, these talented, charismatic performers will add the perfect Yule Tide flair.


534b T.O.D.C.

T.O.D.C.: Meet Felicity, Pip, Sebastian, and The Governor! These classic characters arrive “direct” from Victorian London, complete with accents, authentic costumes, and lots of personality!


534c A.N.


A.N.: This elegant, cocktail or black-tie friendly quartet sings beautiful classic and jazz arrangements of all your favorite Christmas melodies (Dr. Phil not included).



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Headliner 533 F.

F. is an award winning dance group working with a 3D mapping studio, creating visually stunning dance shows and tailor made show production. Our Video Mapping Studio is one of the biggest in the world, and with 20 full time in house mapping specialists, we can provide customized shows for your events using breathtaking venue and stage mapping that interact with our amazing dance group. Our globetrotting video mapping dance team has been on prime time talent shows such as America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, and Fake Off, and has been invited to dozens of other TV productions all over the globe and won several major awards.

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Band 427 G.L.

GL427sG.L. is a dynamic country music vocal quartet comprised of two talented couples. They have been collectively performing together for 20 years and singing together as a group for over 2 years after discovering a mutual love of country music. Individually, each member of G.L. is a celebrated and talented vocalist. Together their harmonies have been critically acclaimed and universally applauded. Audiences love that they get the full country music harmonic sound when these four join together – a unique quality that sets G.L. apart from other country bands.


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Dancer 522 C.C.

ciansmileWith a B.F.A. in Musical Theater, training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, and Gymnastics, C.C. is a force of nature – and also an award winning vocalist! If you’re looking for a dancer with extraordinary stylistic range, beauty, elegance, and professionalism, C.C. is the perfect choice!
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Dinner Mystery Theater 458 A.T.O.M.

imageEveryone loves a good whodunit, and A.T.O.M. began offering custom-written interactive murder mysteries – musical and traditional – set anywhere from the roaring ‘20s to current day.

Guests put on their super-sleuth hats and engage with the performers as they attempt to solve the crime. The adventure begins with a digital commercial teaser/invitation, and can be played out with professional actors or your guests can play the roles!

Several options are available to customize the experience to be even more exciting. A scavenger hunt for clues can be created and up to 5 guests can be woven into the story; with extra clues associating them with the characters. Company specific information can also be added to make it more educational.

Why watch a murder mystery when you can be part of one? A.T.O.M. will create a unique event that will be the talk of your family or company for years.


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Polynesian Dancers 519

polydancers1Add some beauty, grace, and color to your island themed event with lovely Polynesian Dancers!


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DJ/Trio 517 S.

Sp3S. is a live electro-acoustic trio from Las Vegas, NV. Electronic Dance Music with a symphonic twist. Entrancing visuals, sequenced tracks and two amplified violinists artfully processed in real time by DJ S. They perform regularly at First Friday in the Arts Factory in downtown Las Vegas.  djs

DJ S. is also available as a DJ/percussionist solo act, accompanying his mixes live on a dynamic combination of electronic drums and acoustic percussion.

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Act 516 T.J.T.

516TJTWith 10 years of entertaining enthusiastic audiences at Harrah’s Casino, and a current residency at Mandalay Bay Resort, T.J.T. is one of the most highly regarded Emcee/Vocalists and Celebrity Impersonators in Las Vegas. T.J. has also been an international hit in over 10 countries with rave reviews in places like Japan, U.A.E. and Singapore. While he is a ringer for a mature Frank Sinatra, he also performs 100s of tunes from every genre and era.

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Light/GoGo! Dancers 457

IMG_7135 IMG_7138

Inject your special event or party with a burst of color and energy! Our unique and gorgeous Light/GoGo! Dancers’ wildly colorful costumes come alive with LED lights in the dark…your guests will be dazzled and amazed by our dancers’ captivating performance!

IMG_7136 IMG_7139

Magician 510 E.G.

Eric Giliam portrait

Eric Giliam portrait

World class illusionist E.G.’s impressive list of career highlights includes receiving awards such as the Siegfried and Roy Magician’s Award for the Most Original Act in Las Vegas, the Lance Burton Award of Excellence, as well as performances on internationally broadcast TV shows including “The Magicians” on the BBC, “The Illusionist” on Italian TV, and many more. His first class, high energy show  is choreographed to music and lighting, and includes comedy, classic magic, and audience participation. Several routines are not seen in any other magic show, and the entire show is clean entertainment for audiences of all ages. Although E.G. is best known for his Las Vegas style stage show, complete with a female assistant, pro sound, and special theater lighting, he is equally skilled at smaller scale one man shows, strolling and close up magic, or a customized performance to suit your needs.

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