Female Mud Wrestling


All in the name of fun! Want to increase traffic to your booth, event or show? FEMALE MUD WRESTLING! Customize your own event using our “bikini” mud wrestlers or toss a company t-shirt and shorts on your own personal employees and let them wrestle it out for prizes!

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Our mud wrestlers make the news! Check out this Las Vegas Review Journal article posted February 12, 2013:

Pudding provides setting as wrestling returns to Strip

By Sonya Padgett

The stench of chocolate pudding hangs in the air as Stacysha Randall, a tree of a woman, whips two hot models.

This event would be so awesome if it were in the afternoon instead of nearly 2 in the morning. The crowd has thinned from several hundred to a few dozen, and those who remain are groggy with a middle-of-the-night stupor.

Not Randall, though.

She’s trying to pin the women on their backs for three seconds so she can win this “mud” wrestling competition and take the $500 cash prize awarded by Gilley’s at Treasure Island. She succeeds in getting one woman down, but they are all covered in chocolate pudding. Randall can’t get a good grip on the other.

Still, she dominates the models through three rounds of some serious wrestling. Between each 90-second bout, the models drag themselves to their corner, exhausted and panting. They gulp water and frantically plan their next moves. Randall calmly flicks pudding off her arms and out of her eyes.

Randall has served as referee for Gilley’s mud wrestling since it introduced the event in January. Twice, she has wrestled models in the final round.

When Gilley’s was in the New Frontier, mud wrestling was a popular draw, manager Robert Perry says. Since the bar and restaurant opened in Treasure Island three years ago, fans have begged them to bring it back. (Click HERE to read more)