Act 509 D.G.

dgelvisStanding at 4’ 2 inches tall, this seasoned actor, singer, and Ordained Mini Minister is sure to bring engaging and whimsical entertainment to any event or venue! He’s performed as an actor/singer and Mini Elvis Minister in the critically acclaimed “Twisted Vegas” show at Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, as an actor and Mini Minister at the world famous Las Vegas haunted house “Goretorium,” as Official Mini Leprechaun for Jameson Irish Whiskey, and many, many more. Whether you’re looking for a memorable way to “tie the knot”,  or are just looking for a unique entertainment experience, D.G.’s wide variety of “Mini” characters – from “Mini Superman”, to “Mini Santa Claus”, to everyone’s favorites – “Mini Elvis” and even “Ordained Mini Elvis Minister” – guarantee to make your event unforgettable! dg1 dgminister

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